If you are a small or medium online enterprise, having a blog page in your website will actually do wonders with your SEO marketing campaign. It’s not only an awesome way to have regular and fresh content for your visitors, it gives your website excellent exposure in search engines. The more you blog, the more Google and other search engines take note.

It drives traffic to your website

To begin with, regular and fresh content means relevant reading for your regular visitors, and new ones are impressed that there is fresh content for them. And every time you come out with new content, you connect this with your social media platforms, driving more traffic to your website. People following or finding you on social media are driven to your site, while those finding your site through SEO are also driven to your social media for direct interaction. What a win-win!

A blog improves your SEO

Fresh content improves your SEO campaign especially when your content contains at least one crucial keyword for search engines to take note of. Blogging actively about your company, industry, products, or services will naturally be noted by search engines. Your SEO improves further when your posts and links in your social media contain vital keywords.

Blogging builds trust with customers

Well written articles shows that your business knows what they are talking about and you have the chance to show your knowledge of the industry. It’s a great way to connect with your customers while at the same time giving consumers the opportunity to learn from you, since you have positioned yourself as an expert in your field.

Your blog also connects and interacts with your customers

Instead of interacting in your social media platforms, some customers will do it directly in your blog posts. They will ask questions or have regular queries pertaining to your blog posts, products, or services. Thus, make sure to regularly check your blog for these queries and reply promptly.