Fully responsive websites that display correctly on all devices and are mobile friendly. When you decide to invest in a website, make sure its going to do everything you want it to do. Lots of people say ‘I want my website to get me more business’ but invest only a few hundred dollars in it or don’t take the time to provide adequate content because they’re ‘too busy’ and will ‘get around to it later’. Imagine this, if a customer walks into your cafe and you’re too busy to replace the broken chairs and wonky tables, will you put up with an inferior service or will you find another cafe? It’s the exact same thing with websites, if someone is looking for a Diesel Mechanic, do you think they’re more likely to engage with a website with high resolution photos, maybe a couple of videos and complete and accurate content or a website that’s been slapped together and no design has been thought through? 

When we design websites, we sketch the design on large pieces of paper which show how we want it to look, where each element should be placed, long before we touch a computer to piece it together. Sometimes we even do this with the client to get input before we begin, in other cases we show the client a ‘mock up’ of what it will look like with the colour palette we’re intending on using.


Whether you’re looking to have 500 flyers printed for your business or you’ve got a branding guide you want us to follow for your next seasonal campaign, we’ve got a team of designers that deliver work to the highest standard. With several years of design and business experience, we know what it takes for a logo to stand out, for it to command the respect and recognition that it needs in the market place. Trust Loud Media to design your next business logo or creative.


Loud Media are accredited Google Partners and are best placed to provide your business with an online advertising strategy to maximise the traffic to your website by using Google Ads. We will work closely with you to identify key words that will offer the most amount of exposure for your spend and provide weekly reporting of how the campaign is tracking and any recommendations based on the results.


Fully scripted and professionally produced videos. Our team has been responsible for videos for some of the biggest companies around Australia including TV Commercials. If there is a message you want to get across, Loud Media will scream it out.


Social Media is currently under priced. It is only under priced if you know where to go and how to get a user’s attention. With over 10 years experience in the field, we are best placed to formulate and drive a social media strategy across your business. Think we’re throwing around some buzz words? Take a couple of minutes to browse through our facebook and instagram accounts or call us in for an obligation free 30 minute consultation. 


An On-Shore based team that specialise in Google My Business and SEO in general. There are certain aspects of this we do and certain aspects we think should never be done, talk to us today about your marketing goals to see what SEO you actually need and whether there is a more effective solution to this problem. Traditional SEO can cost you $2,000 – $4,000 a month and may take 6-12 months before you see any kind of return, only for Google to update their algorithm and its all in vein. 

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