Just about every digital marketing agency out there is trying to sell an SEO service as the must have of 2019 but I’m here to tell you that you’re wasting your money and time.

Google is the largest SEO, by suggesting that you can manipulate the search results, the agency is literally telling you that they can outsmart largest digital ecosystem ever created. Does this sound logical / plausible to you?

Even if this was possible, SEO is designed to drive traffic to your website, traffic doesn’t always equate to leads that lead to sales. For example, as a telecommunications retailer if you spent all day focusing on the word telecommunications, you’re likely to end up driving traffic to your site from people searching for ‘telecommunications jobs’, ‘telecommunications industry’, ‘telecommunications antennas’, telecommunications tenders’, etc. None of these may be related to your actual product offering.

So… what would I do if I was you?

  1. Check your website is mobile friendly, its 2019 and mobile traffic accounts for more than 70% of the data across the internet. Check it here https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly
  2. Ensure your website easily indexed by search engines is a must. This means that you need relevant content on your website, complete information, a relevant and appropriate title and it needs to be unique content. This is the extent to SEO as I generally recommend for most businesses.
  3. Consider running your own blog. There are definite advantages of running you’re own blog which constantly lets Google know you’re active in keeping the information on your website up to date and an active member of the industry that you’re in.
  4. Ensure your Google Business listing is complete and accurate.
  5. Focus on marketing efforts where you can MEASURE the ROI. Search Engine Marketing is key in driving a high level of qualified leads to your website and if done correctly, you’re only paying for potential sales leads.
  6. Ensure you have a strong point of presence on social media. When a potential customer looks at your business, they’re likely to do a little research. This generally involves a search on google followed up by a search on Facebook and or Instagram. Make sure its appealing and you have plenty going on. Relate this to a retail shop, when its dead quiet, people will assume that there is nothing good to buy in this store. When it’s busy and there’s a lot going on it drives curiosity.
  7. If you are to engage an agency, make sure they’re practitioners not just giving you a whole lot of fluff about ‘engagement’, ‘growth hacking’ and ‘online lead generation’. Make sure they have a proven track record and that you’re comfortable with the strategy they they’re implementing.