The more we look at graphic designs, the more it showcases itself as a mirror to the many changes the world has experienced around the world in just the last 20 years. Graphic design has significantly moved from just making a brand look attractive to contributing to customer experience. So as we move into 2019 and further into the future, graphic designs will continue to change because the methods to attract customers or how brands present themselves will also change.


Today’s customers are more rushed, busier, and easily stressed out. Unlike in the past wherein companies who wanted to make a big impact would go big, bold, and even complex with their logo designs, websites, and content, today’s customer is looking for simplicity. They need products or services conveyed within the simplest content complete with personality and intent since their attention span is very short. The fact that more than 60% of web searches is done from smartphones clearly shows this trend towards simplicity.

Bolder Colours to Convey Courage

Since last year the trend towards overwhelming amounts of colour has shown that graphic designers are making bigger and bolder choices in colour combined with flat graphics and simple shades to signify that the company is courageous enough to take big steps to please their customers. For instance, logos are using simpler designs or fresh imagery, but combined with a range of bold and bright colours. This blend of simplicity and powerful colours highlights what the company can offer whether the job is simple or hard.

Distillation of Brand

It is obvious that modern graphic designs have been trending since last year towards simpler yet more immersive designs. This is because aside from the graphic design shouting out the company and its products or designs, it also recognizes the importance of customer experience and how this is more important than the product or service. Simple designs in the future will pack more meaning. The best example for this is YouTube which dropped its name completely from its brand portfolio, and yet still leaving a simple yet effective image. Graphic designs no longer needs to be complicated but on how it makes an impact.